Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 3 Recap Real Life is Up. Sales are Down.

Well week 3 came to a close for me on Sunday and I am just getting around to writing this today. That should give you some indication as to how busy my week had been. Real life took over and my time with WoW, my blog, and gold making have all suffered.

I had (and still have) some out of town guests staying with me so that has been a big part of my busy schedule. We celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday (again) on Saturday and work had been crazy busy. These are all good things but I have seen a direct impact on my sales. I came in this week 10k less in gross sales and 15k less in net profit so while I still had an ok week it wasn't where I would want to be.

On the bright side, I did break the 900k marker this week which was fantastic. I also participated in "The Happy Hour Round Table Podcast" hosted by Golbinraset along with guests Jim Younkin of Powerwordgold.net, Profitz of wowprofitz.com, Phat Lewts of Phatlewtsgold.net, and Thairus of wowcreativeaccounting.blogspot.com which was a ton of fun.

I can't say I broke into any new markets over the past week but I did attempt to revive one. During the last episode of the Power Word: Gold Podcast Jim had attempted to help me with fixing my lack of sales in the 77-80/83-84 green market. He suggested that I start buying more often to keep the market clear of cheap items that my potential customers may be buying instead of buying my items. I have seen a sure increase in sales due to this. My sales still are not bringing in as much gold as I would like but my server is somewhat low pop on the Horde side (around 30k players) so that is to be expected. I also think that once 5.3 comes out and people are raiding less and have cleared the new quest and daily content they will start working on alts again. This, along with the lessened XP requirement to level from 85-90 should help my sales greatly. Time will tell.

As to my Blacksmithing and JC sales, both are chugging along. I am getting a much better feel for the JC market and I am seeing some nice returns. Blacksmithing continues to bring in a lot of gold for me but the past few days have been a bit slower then I am used to. I am not worried though. That will turn around soon enough. I think the odd number patches my actually help those sales. Blizz seems to be giving world PvP a bit more focus on these patches which I think will help my PvP armor sales on my PvE server.

In conclusion, I want to appologize to my readers for not getting any new content out on the site this past week. So far, this week is proving to be busy as well but I do have some ideas I want to get out to you. Real life has to take precedence to WoW but I do love doing this stuff for you guys so thank you for reading and listening. Keep the gold flowing!


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