Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Calculating Enchanting Material Costs & The Enchantment Shuffle

In Mists of Pandaria we were introduced to 4 new types of enchanting materials: Sha Crystals (epic), Ethereal Shard (and Small Ethereal Shard) (rare), Mysterious Essence (uncommon), and Spirit Dust (common). We were also given a way to convert these mats to and from each other. For instance you could use 5 spirit dust to create 1 Mysterious Essence, or you could use 1 Mysterious essence to create 3 Spirit Dust. As you can see its not an even conversion going down from the more rare mats to the more common mats. For this reason its a bit harder to just set up a shopping list or dealfinding list in Trade Skill Master with percentages. Due to this I decided to make a simple calculator which you can enter in each materials current AH value (or what ever value you wish) to calculate material costs so you can maximize your enchanting profits or simply shuffle enchanting mats for profit.

I based my design of this calculator off of Jim Younkin's Simple Living Steel Calculator but modified for enchanting mats. The basis of Jim's Calculator is to figure out what is the cheapest way to make a living steel given current mat costs. My calculator differs in that any enchanting mat can be turned into any other enchanting mat using a series of enchanting spells, so the calculator will tell you the cost to make these conversions.

To use the calculator simply enter the current value of each of the materials in the top row. The Calculator will then due the rest. You simply look for the material you want on the left and read across its row to find the cheapest solution. So if you look at the screenshot below, if you wanted to know the cheapest way to make a Sha Crystal given the prices I entered from my AH you would see that the current AH value of a Sha Crystal is 380g. To make one from Ethereal Shards it would cost you 227g15s. To make it from Mysterious Essence it would cost 609g75s (5 Mysterious Essence per shard and 5 shards per Crystal) and so on.

As I said above this spreedsheet servers 2 purposes. First being to find the cheapest way to get the materials for your enchant (not including disenchanting which you could run a TSM destroying scan for) and second to simply shuffle materials from one type to another to profit in the AH.

Download the Calculator
Here is the link to the Claculator.  This link will open in for you in Google Docs. Once open you can download it via the file menu.

I hope some of you find this useful. I will try to get a youtube video up with the basic instructions as well but it should be simple enough to use. Good Luck!



  1. you spelled "Mysterious" wrong :) ... thanks for the sheet though... can be very useful

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I will fix it. It was very late when I was working on this.