Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One Million Gold. Reflecting On My Journey To Gold Cap

One Million Gold! Back in August of 2012 I set a goal for myself to hit gold cap. Today I have reached that goal. The past 10 months have been amazing and changed not only the way I play World of Warcraft but has changed my life as well. I want to take this moment to reflect on my journey and share with you some of my thoughts.

When I started out in gold making it was more of something I wanted to see if I could do. An in game friend told me about some of the transmog gear that he was selling and I was surprised at how much money he was making. I did some googling and came across an article about Keelhaul (A.K.A. The Mogfather) and how he had made a million gold in just 45 days. This lead me to where I began to learn some of the basics of gold making.

Now I am the type of person that when I find something I like I get very into it. Soon I began finding other gold blogs and eventually the consortium. Here I found so many ideas and resources I was overwhelmed. This was where the pros came and where new gold making strategies are forged. I had found a wonderful and thriving community and I wanted to be a part of it.

I slowly began making gold in flipping markets and did a little bit of crafting. I was still trying to find my footing and understand how the auction house game works. I began using new addons like Autioneer and eventually Trade Skill Master. I started seeing results and felt all the more encouraged. When I hit the 200,000 gold mark I purchased the Grand Expedition Yak I saw this as an investment to save time while killing mobs with Potions of Treasure Finding and Potions of Luck but it was a fun splurge too. Can't say I regret it. I also picked up the Vial of the Sands mount and a Ruby Panther mount.  What can I say, I like mounts.

A few fun splurges aside, I continued to watch my bank roll grow. I started listening to the Power Word Gold Podcast which I enjoyed but I found myself wanting to listen to more podcasts about wow. I began listening to The Instance and All Things Azeroth. These too were awesome podcasts but I found myself getting addicted to them and wanted more. Then one day, Rho posted a link to his podcast livestream guide on Realm Maintenance. Suddenly I found myself in live streams listening to these shows. This is where I feel things took a turn for the better for me.

I was introduced to this amazing community of people. They put on these wonderful shows, interacted with their audiences and made me feel at home. Shows like The Chaos Portal, Tauren Think Tank, Holy Shatt and so many others became a regular hang out for me. Though this has little to do with my gold making, it was my journey into gold making that brought me here. I want to thank all those people from the podcast community for what they do and let them know they not only are entertaining but make a difference in peoples lives. Please keep doing what you do.

Through all this I continued trudging my way through. Sometime in February two things happened. I hit 500,000g and I meant a wonderful person whom has become a good friend, Profitz ( He started his blog and put out his first podcast, The Cross Realm, and in episode 1 he talked mostly about how he got into gold making and what he was doing with it and his plans for the future. I find myself listening to him and thinking "this is totally my own story". I contacted him and we began chatting on a regular basis. He asked me to be on his podcast as his first guest and I was more than excited to do so. Profitz started an IRC channel to bring some of the community together. There was already a gold making IRC channel at the consortium but the idea of this channel was not to just talk about gold but to bring the community together. At first it was Profitz and I and maybe one or 2 others. But then it began to grow and grow. Today we have around 20 people in the channel on any given day (maybe more) and we have many regulars. Through the channel I have made so many friends. People like GoblinRaset, Thairus, Rennick, PhatLewts, Ayshayz, Socowow, and so many more. We even have been joined by a Consortium Wind Trader, Mithrildar who has been a huge help to me in the past week, with fine tuning my jewel crafting and gem selling. These people are all amazing, fantastic individuals who I count as friends. I have made more friends in the past 4 months of playing WoW then in all my 8 years. So again, a special thank you to Profitz for setting up that channel and to all the people who are a part of it.

As my climb to Gold cap continued I finally decided to expand into new markets. I had only been flipping greens and transmog, and doing my Blacksmithing as I only had one level 90. I got my rogue leveled up and picked up JC and Alchemy and started getting my feet wet in new markets. I enjoyed the challenge and the extra income. Then Jim Younkin of Power Word Gold asked me to come on his show as a guest. I was more then happy to do so and afterwards he asked if I would like to co-host. I had been wanting to get into podcasting for some time and this seemed like a fantastic opportunity to do so. I have done several episodes now and the listeners have given me some wonderful feedback. So thank you Jim and the listeners for your support.

The cap came closer and closer. I was over 700,000 when I finally got off my butt and started this blog. I love doing this. Even if no one ever reads this I get to put my thoughts out there and it feels good. So for those of you who do read it, thank you. It means a lot to me. I began tracking my sales with the blog and was able to really break things down. I love that I do this now and recommend it to others. I ended my last week at 968,558 gold. It was time for the home stretch!

This week started off strong. I had nearly 19,000 in sales on Monday bringing me up to 983,686. I figured I would hit cap by Wednesday at the latest. However Tuesday turned out to be one of my biggest sales days to date. I sold a ton of blacksmithing items and my gem sales just blew up. I ended up with over 26,000 gold in sales, more then enough to put me over!

When I realized that I had done it, I just sat there with a smile on my face. It was late at night so most of the IRC people had logged off and my wife just doesn't care about wow. Luckily at least GoblinRaset was around for me to talk to. Thanks Goblin! I had promised I would live stream the actual collecting of the Gold which I did today. I am happy to say that as of the writing of this post I am sitting at 1,006,576 gold!

Everyone keeps asking how it feels. Well, it feels good. Damn good! But accomplishing your goals always does. Now I need to set a new goal. So I am making a push for 2 million gold. Once I am there I will wait for Mimiron's head to show on the BMAH and snag that up! I would like to try to hit the two million mark in 5 months, half the time it took me to hit one million. I think at the rate I have been going, I can do that. So here we go again!

Moving forward I want to make some changes. I read a great post this week by Zerohour and it made me think. I do not feel that I am providing my readers with anything original or something they can't get a million other places. I want to challenge not only myself but those of you who visit my blog. I want to do something different. That is easier said then done. So perhaps my posts will become more infrequent but I hope they will also become better quality. I want to hold myself to a higher standard. I hope you will help me do that.

My family is growing as well. My wife and I are expecting our second child in October so time will become a factor at some point. But for now I will continue to podcast and blog and make some gold. I have another project in mind as well but it will take some time and energy to get going. That is a limited resource for me but I really hope it comes to fruition.

So to wrap up this lengthy post, I want to thank you all again. Gold making may have been how this journey started but the people along the way is what made it memorable. Thank you so so much my friends!



  1. Excellent post my friend and congratz on reaching your gold-cap goal!! I look forward to continuing to read your stories of future journeys toward 2 million, your podcast, the changes you mentioned and more. Be well sir.

  2. Very cool, 1 Million is a great milestone! Looking forward to the many great new posts in the future. I still say if Mim's head comes before 2 million cap it out at 953k and call it a day. Still have plenty of liquid to play with, and whatever you have in items at the time (which I'm sure is a ton).

  3. Congrats man! That takes a ton of work.

  4. What a funny guild message of the day, it says "Due to the lack of funds I have to turn off guild repairs" and he is there with 1m gold lolol....

  5. I noticed that guild message btw at 4:30 mins into the video in case anyone else wants to see and laugh with me =)

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