Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 4 Recap and Month 1 Review

Wow! What a crazy month. This post marks one month since I began blogging and a lot has happened. I have become not only a blogger but a podcaster as well and have approached the mark of WoW millionaire! I have had big sales days I couldn't believe and small sales days I couldn't explain. You all have joined me on this little journey so lets step back and have a look at this past month.

Lets start by taking a look at week 4. This is the third week I have tracked my sales on a day by day basis in a spreed sheet so I can look back and see any patterns and big days. This has been a fantastic tool. I love doing this and encourage anyone else who is making gold to do the same. It really is nice to be able to see those numbers. I think over the long run I will really be able to see some patterns emerge and be able to predict sales better. This week however has been pretty lame.

The week started off normal enough. Monday was a bit slow and I was busy. I didn't bother collecting my gold that day and just combined it with Tuesday as you can see from the spreed sheet below. I averaged around 5k a day for those first 2 days and pulled in just over 9k on Wednesday. Thursday saw a dip in sales but looking back at my numbers from the previous two weeks Thursday is never great. Friday picked up a bit but was still slower then I am used to for a Friday. The weekend however hit me hard.

Saturday is usually one of my biggest days of the week. I had a wedding to go to and a lot of plans so I spent some time in the morning doing some investing and getting ready for the day. I purchased 2 stacks of golden lotus and transmuted a bunch of gems. Got all the cuts I wanted to sell posted. I had stopped learning new recipes from Lighting Ingots as I had learned them all and so I had them all posted. I restocked my greens and re-posted everything. I was ready for the big day. It never came. I ended up with only 6,500g in sales and had spent 5,762g on mats and posting costs netting me only 751g on the day! Ouch!!! I was never undercut very much on my blacksmithing stuff and kept up via the phone app but the sales just did not come.

Sunday brought in the Darkmoon Faire and I got my auctions up for that. I sold 4 items there but that was all. My JC did mange a handful of sales but my blacksmith busted again with only 1 sale the whole day.

In the end I only had 51k in gross sales and 35,500g in net income. Not my best week. I did break the 950k mark but didn't push past it much. All in all it was a pretty sad week.

As for the month, I think it was pretty successful. I saw some big milestones with the 700k, 800k, 900k and now 950k marks. I started out in some new markets and have seen some success. Thanks to the folks in the IRC channel I have come up with some pricing for buying my gems that I like.

Also, now that I have learned all the new patterns that I can with Lighting Steel Ingots I don't need to keep making them. I have more than enough to make a weapon but I am lacking the Spirits of Harmony. I keep using them to make smaller weapons that I think have a better profit margin.

I continue my quest to master the gem market. I am still learning new cuts but now that I have my pricing down I am getting into the groove. I plan to level my Alchemy on that toon as well so I can start transmuting gems and living steel.

On the whole I really enjoyed this past month. Real life has been especially busy the past two weeks but I am hoping that will calm down now and I can get more focused. I want to write more and get into some live streaming. But first I really want to hit gold cap this week. I think it will happen and when it does I will live stream it. So keep watching and be ready for some big stuff to come!

Keep the gold flowing


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