Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back in Black and Testing TSM 2.0

After being on blogging hiatus for a while I am back and loaded with info! As always real life is busy and my wife and I are expecting baby number 2 in October so World of Warcraft and blogging has slipped through the cracks a bit. But enough about me. Lets talk TSM 2.0.

First, if you don't know TSM or Trade Skill Master is an auction house addon which helps to automate posting and canceling auctions as well as crafting, mailing, tracking items between your alts and much more. Currently version 1.6.4 is available for public release and can be downloaded from or

Version 2.0 which is currently in beta and can be obtained by invite only from the TSM devs brings all that same functionality and much more to the table but done with more elegance. For a break down of some of the key features take a look at a post by Phatlewts of He gives you a nice teaser with some of the key features.

To give you a quick summary, the way TSM 2.0 works is you create groups, put items in these groups, and then create operations for each group to handle different tasks such as posting/canceling auctions, mailing, crafting, and warehousing. These operations can be created and added to any group.

Today I want to go over some of the other features Phatlewts doesn't mention or that were not in TSM at the time of his post and my impressions of the addon so far.

There are two main features I want to address because I love them so much. First is reset scans. When creating a auctioning operation for a group you will have for tabs along the top of the operation window, General, Post, Cancel, and Reset. The General tab will set up the name of the operation and some general rules about it. The post tab is to set your minimum, normal, and maximum prices for the items as well as undercutting rules, stack sizes, post cap and other such rules that you may know from TSM 1. The Cancel tab lets you set the parameters for when you want to cancel an auction.

The reset tab is the one that I really love though. Here you can choose to enable reset scans and setup your rules.

  • First set the maximum quantity of the item you are willing to buy in order to do a reset. 
  • Then set the maximum amount of gold you are willing to spend to reset that item. 
  • Next set the minimum profit you want to make per item.
  • Set you price resolution which is a variance in price where an item is considered at the same "price level". For example if you set the price resolution to 1silver an auction at 20g50s20c and an auction at 20g49s45c will bot be considered to be the same price level.
  • Last Set your maximum cost per item. This is the max price you are willing to spend on any one item to reset it.
Once you have this setup in the operation and apply the operation to a group you can then use it at the auction house. You will notice that there are three different scan buttons, "Start Post Scan", "Start Cancel Scan", and "Start Reset Scan". Clicking the "Start Reset Scan" button will run and reset operations you have set. In my case here I am running one for MOP Rare gems.

You can see here that it has returned one result for Steady Wild Jade. There are 6 of them and if I buy them all I will be spending 57g,44s,96c. I will be posting them at 300g for a profit of 290g 42s 50c per gem. I can clicj the buyout button on the botton to buy them out or I can add that buyout button to my normal TSM ctrl-mouse wheel macro that I use for post and cancel scans. Then I can collect them from my mail and repost for profit!

This a very nice and very time saving feature. I think it is particularly useful for markets like gems and glyphs but you can use it anywhere.

The next feature I want to talk about is perhaps one of my favorite and most anticipated. Cross account syncing. If, like me, you use multiple accounts this is a fantastic feature. I craft on one account and send my items to an alt to post for me on a second account. The problem is my crafter's account has no way to know what my seller has in inventory in order to automatically queue the items I need to craft  so I can restock. In TSM 1.x the best method was to use datastore instead of TSM's built in item tracker and use altaholic's cross account feature to sync inventories. The biggest problem with this method was that you had to manual start a sync every time in order to keep your data accurate. TSM 2.0 introduces a method that automatically syncs the data across your accounts in real time. The only restriction is that you must have both accounts logged in for it to work. However, this is a huge time saver and the feature is working great.

To start you open TSM on both accounts and under the main status page go to the options tab. Here you will see "Multi-Account Setttings". All you have to do is simply enter the name of the character you are currently logged into on Account B into this field on Account A, and enter the name of the character on  Account A that you are logged into in the field on Account B. Hit enter on each and the window will close.

You will get a notification that the accounts are syncing. You do not have to do this for each character. Once you do it once all character on each account will start to sync. Any new characters you create will start syncing once you log into them for the first time. Its that easy!

Now you can do your restocking with ease or check to see what character has that item you are looking for with ease. Though not yet implemented, this feature will also sync crafting costs across the accounts as well. With this you will be able to post using % of crafting cost on your posting toon that does not have the profession of the item you are posting. I hope to see this implemented in the near future.

These are just two of the many feature that the Sapu, Bart, and the TSM team are working on. I can not say when the addon will be ready as i don't know. It will be done when it is done. I can tell you that the TSM team is working hard on this every day. They are taking the beta tester's feedback and making improvements daily. On some days I see 4 or 5 updates to the addon. I can assure you that when it is ready you will be most impressed. In the mean time keep your ears and eyes open for more news from myself and other bloggers that are testing it.

You can visit the consortium forums for more information as well as There is also an IRC channel where you can ask questions and make suggestions if you like. Also, if you enjoy the addon you can consider donating at there website!


  1. Please could you post more crafting images.
    Thank you so much for the write up!

    1. Sure thing Jimmy! I will do a full write up on the crafting section this week as soon as RL gives me a chance. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi, Would you mind explaining in a little more detail how this is achieved? I, like you, have multiple accounts and would like to post my items on a different account from my crafters.. How do you go about getting it to work? Do all of the groups & operations need to be re-created on the posting account or should this have synced automatically? I'd really appreciate if you could help me out with this. Cheers