Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Return To Gold Making in WoD

It been some time since I have made a post here. During Mist of Pandaria I was a very active Gold Maker. I blogged, podcasted, and even did some live streams. Since then I have had a second child and real life has crept in. I think I experienced some of those 'end of expansion blues' where I just didn't want to play anymore and I just fell out of it all.

Now Warlords is here and I haven't been fully into it. With Mists I jumped into the gold game from day one. With Warlords I have been more focused on just experiencing the game. Now I am finding that I am not enjoying this expansion as much and I have turned to leveling alts. But in the end it is the Gold Making game that I love. It is time I return.

I admittedly don't know much about the new markets but from what I have seen some of the crafting professions will not provide steady income the way they did in the past. My plan is to level an army of alts and experiment a bit.

Many of my favorite Gold Makers out there have turned to transmog and farming. This is all well and good and i fully support it. It is a great and fun way to make gold. However I want to provide you with something different. I plan to focus more on the professions and buying and flipping. There is no right way to make gold in World Of Warcraft but there are many different ways. 

I hope to not only continue this blog but begin to live stream as well. For those of you who don't know me, I have two little kids, ages 4 and 1. They sleep in rooms on either side of my office so it is difficult for me to stream at night. During the day I work full time and after work I spend time with my family. Finding time to stream will be my biggest challenge. However at night, my little one usually ends up in our bed with my wife at some point. When this happens I hope to stream. This may work out well as it is a spot that seems to lack any good gold making streams (except for when @profitztv goes on a bender). So look for that stream at!

In my stream and on my blog I hope to provide you with an educational approach to gold making. I would like to do Q&A and show you different markets you may not have thought of. There is so much cool stuff out there that can make you money. I want to expand your mind and help you think outside the box when it comes to making gold. I will also do some leveling streaming as its nice to have the company and maybe I can make some friends along the way that want to do some dungeons with me.

I plan to move this blog to a new format as well. I have my own web server back up now and will be moving to a wordpress format so the domain won't change but the site may get a new look. Hopefully I will add some forums and other tools for you to use as well. Look for that to come!

So that is it for now. Keep your eyes open and I hope to see you all out there. Follow me on twitter @erogroth. Drop me an email with questions at and follow me on twitch!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and keep the gold coming in!


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